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Purifying Anti-Imperfection

Purifying Anti-Imperfection

The Purifying Anti-Imperfection treatment helps to restore balance and purify the skin. Imperfections are minimized and shine is eliminated resulting in an even skin tone that’s visibly healthier.


HEATING EXFOLIATOR (5 MINUTES) Heating gel with exfoliating enzymes Opens the skin’s pores and eliminates dead skin cells.


PURIFYING MASK (15 MINUTES) Deep cleansing & rebalancing mask with purifying clay (combination of white clay and purifying clay) Purifies the skin deep-down by absorbing excess sebum and eliminating impurities from the skin’s surface. Restores balance to the skin. Blackhead Extraction (10 minutes)


ACNILOGIC CREAM SERUM (2 MINUTES) Sebum control Helps fight against excess sebum secretion and hyperkeratinisation. Reduces the proliferation of imperfection-causing bacteria. Tightens dilated pores and visibly corrects imperfections. Mattifying powders eliminate shine.