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Foot Peel

Foot Peel

Foot Peeling PH
Benefits: helps smooth the skin on the bottom of the foot.

• Peeling Gel Application: loosens dead skin and softens rough areas of the foot. (15 minutes)
• Scraping (with curved part of the spatula): removes excess peeling gel and loosened dead skin. (5 minutes)
• Polishing (with pumice paper of the spatula): eliminates the residue from the rough areas of the foot while smoothing and softening the skin. (5 minutes)


Longue Vie Pieds
Benefits: rejuvenating effects on the feet area.

Finish off the treatment with the Longue Vie Pieds Cream, a rejuvenating and hydrating cream. (2 minutes)
The Longue Vie Pieds Cream, deodorizes and nourishes the feet. The cream’s smooth texture is rapidly absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and dry.