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  • Beautique Day Spa & Salon 

    5520 Weslayan St

     Houston, TX 77005



    Claim to Fame: Family owned business with 68 years of experience. Houston's first and large day spa and salon. 

    Number of treatments offered: 11

    Number of treatment rooms: 9 esthetician rooms, 4 massage and 28 seats for hair.  

    Drinks or snacks: Fountain drinks, coffee, tea, water and light snacks such as trail mix. 

    Years in Business: 68 years

    Guinot Treatments Offered

    Age Summum


    Hydra Peeling 

    Hydra Summum

    Hydraderm Vital Energy

    Lift Summum

    Purifying Anti-imperfection 

    Eye Lift


    Founded by Frank and Ginny Burge in August of 1956, Beautique Day Spa & Salon started
    as a modest 1000 square foot salon in Rice Village. Over the years, the Burge family
    expanded Beautique into a 22,000 square foot salon and spa. Frank, a trailblazer in
    hairstyling, was honored as the first American to join Haute Coiffure Française, while
    Ginny's expertise in esthetics led her to contribute to numerous industry publications.
    Throughout Beautique's growth, Frank and Ginny remained actively involved, ensuring the
    salon's warmth and quality. Today, their children, Susan, and Frank Jr., continue their
    legacy. Frank Jr. welcomes guests with his trademark smile, overseeing front-end
    operations, while Susan manages the spa and back-end affairs.

    In 2023, Beautique faced adversity when a devastating fire struck. Undeterred, we rose
    from the ashes and relocated just outside Rice Village. Now, we're thrilled to be back,
    stronger, and more determined than ever before. Join us in this new chapter as we continue
    to embody the spirit of Beautique, honoring the memory of Frank Burge Sr., who passed
    away on April 18, 2024, with renewed passion and dedication.

    Now located in the heart of West University in a 12,000 square foot space, our new location
    embodies modernity, beauty, and uniqueness. We've designed it with meticulous attention
    to detail, ensuring that it reflects the essence of Beautique while offering a fresh ambiance.
    As we embark on this new journey, we look forward to continuing to serve our guests with
    pride and ambition, setting our sights on lofty goals and ensuring that every visitor
    experiences the unparalleled excellence that defines Beautique Day Spa & Salon.
    Since the 1970s, Guinot has been an indispensable part of Beautique's journey, chosen for
    its exceptional standards and unparalleled ingredients. Our deep partnership has
    flourished, offering 11 specialized treatments and forming the cornerstone of our standard
    facials. As we innovate, our dedication to top-quality products like Guinot remains
    steadfast, ensuring our guests enjoy exceptional results and a truly indulgent spa

    Our enduring collaboration with Guinot has propelled Beautique to new heights of
    excellence, delivering unparalleled skincare innovation and luxury. This longstanding
    partnership reflects our shared commitment to quality and innovation, shaping the future
    of beauty and wellness. Together, we are dedicated to providing every guest with the
    transformative power of our shared passion and expertise.