Guinot's NEW Sculpt Expert

June 30, 2017

Guinot’s NEW Sculpt Expert Launching in June 2017

A sculpting body cream for tighter skin

Guinot’s new Sculpt Expert helps repair the skin tissue to create a toned and firm figure. With instant, visible results, this body cream smooths and softens while reshaping troublesome areas to reduce the appearance of sagging skin. Key ingredients of Brown Seaweed and Hydroxyproline firm and restore density to the deeper level of the skin, while Polyosides visibly reshape the figure with a lifting effect in the skin’s top layer. With continued use over time, this cream improves overall quality of the skin, creating a fit look without even hitting the gym.

For use: Apply daily to the entire body, focusing on areas that need a lift (abdomen, thighs, arms, etc.)

Key Ingredients:

-          Brown Seaweed

  • Helps to improve the appearance caused by the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers that make up the skin's structure.

-          Hydroxyproline

  • Helps boost the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers to reinforce and repair the support fibers.

-          Polyosides

  • Lifting effect in the epidermis.

Price: $73