Each season brings its fair share of skincare challenges. Whether due to sun, wind, or snow, one that persists throughout the year is dry skin.


The Challenge: Dry Skin

80 percent of women use traditional shower gels containing aggressive surfactants that cause skin irritation and dryness, and 65 percent of women don’t take the time to moisturize their skin after showering.

The Solution: Two-in-One Cleanser and Moisturizer

Guinot formulated their latest product as a time-saving moisturizing solution as the body needs daily moisturizing to prevent rough patches, lines, cracks and cuts. Instead of skipping an after-shower lotion and leaving thirsty skin to combat the drying effects of shower gels and soaps on its own, women now have the opportunity to cleanse and moisturize simultaneously with Guinot’s Moisturizing Shower Cream.

Key ingredients: Argan, sweet almond, and coconut oils work in unison to soften, nourish, and soothe the skin ...