Featured Guinot Spas & Salons

  • The Green Spa & Wellness Center 
    8804 3rd Avenue   
    Brooklyn, NY 11209

    Years in business: 20 years
    Number of treatment rooms: 15 
    Number of treatments offered: Over 100 treatments
    Drinks/Snacks: Specialty teas, trail mix and Japanese rice crackers.   
    Comfort: A plush robe and comfy slippers. 

    Since 1998, nestled in the heart of Bay Ridge, The Green Spa & Wellness Center’s quaint environment continues to customize treatments for all. This quality of service keeps guests returning time and time again. The three floor luxury wellness center is proud to announce that their facility is housed in a sustainable, eco-conscious building, offering treatments for men, women & children alike.  Whether you are interested in a day at The Green Spa or a relaxing afternoon massage in the “duo suite” you are in the right place!

    The “Green Spa Cares Guarantee” ensures that the services and products recommended from the dedicated team are done so with the highest level of knowledge and with the upmost integrity.  During each visit you will experience an education, an in depth customized consultation and recommendations that aren’t motivated by commission.  A commission starved sales team is tacky and does not represent the brand.  Since the spa is run completely commission free environment, all recommendations and product education are genuine and from the heart so you can shop with trust and confidence.

    The selections on the shelves are based on the spas obsession to have the very best!  "We listen to clients requests year after year and source the products they love - it’s that simple!" - Green Spa Founders Sheila Brody, Maria Ingardia, & Maureen Brody

    The Green Spa & Wellness Center offers the following Guinot treatments: 

    Age Summum

    Hydra Clean


    Hydra Peeling