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  • Guinot’s Masque Eclat Lifting – Launching in June 2014

Guinot’s Masque Eclat Lifting – Launching in June 2014

June 10, 2014

No matter how careful you are about wearing hats and applying sunscreen, wrinkles are inevitable with age.  As we get older, fibroblasts, the living cells responsible for producing elastic fibers in the skin, become less active, resulting in wrinkles and loose skin.  Guinot has developed a way to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles without the cost, discomfort, and possible negative side effects of botox and fillers.

 Masque Eclat Lifting is made out of a Guinot-exclusive, non-woven fabric that allows active ingredients to be instantly absorbed deep into the skin.  After just 10 minutes, the skin is lifted, wrinkles are filled in, and the complexion is brighter.

Lifts the Skin and Fills Wrinkles

  • Pro-Collagen helps boosts collagen and elastin fiber through the fibroblasts, as well as protects existing fibers from enzyme damage.

  • Dynalift and Lift Firming Complex smoothes facial features and combats slackening by forming a protective film that coats the skin’s surface while also lifting the skin.

Brightens Complexion

  • Vitamin C Derivative enhances radiance by smoothing the skin’s surface and correcting skin pigmentation problems.

  • Hydrocyte Complex hydrates and binds water deep in the cells.