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  • Guinot’s NEW Hydraderm Vital Energy Machine

Guinot’s NEW Hydraderm Vital Energy Machine

September 01, 2019

Launching September 2019

Guinot’s new Hydraderm Vital Energy is an upgraded version of its pioneering Hydradermie machine. Originally created as one of the first micro-current machines of its kind, the upgraded device incorporates the latest technology and acts as an affordable and non-invasive alternative to painful cosmetic surgery. The device is designed for two signature treatments, the Hydradermie Youth Treatment and Hydradermie Lift Treatment – both utilizing Guinot’s ionization method to penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin – resulting in an immediate and long-lasting youthful complexion.


• The Design:

Each Hydraderm Vital Energy machine features a touchscreen with real-time video of all Guinot treatments, guiding estheticians with precise timing for each treatment phase. The device is Wi-Fi enabled to allow for new and updated treatments to be downloaded at the salon.

• How It Works: The machine has three components: 

Dynamic Ionization: Guinot’s patented dynamic ionization method utilizes roller electrodes that through new technology automatically switches between positive and negative polarity throughout the treatment, eliminating the need for estheticians to switch hands. Varying serums are tailored for each clients’ skin type.

Oxygenation: The heating electrode boosts the oxygenation of the skin, warming up at the beginning of the treatment and automatically adjusting temperature for each phase of the facial. The heat stimulates circulation and has a purifying and moisturizing effect.

Lifting Stimulation: The lifting portion of the treatment uses the same rollers to lift the skin; the upgraded design features a broader contact surface with the skin, producing better and faster results. 


• The Hydradermie Youth Treatment helps fight diminishing cellular activity that occurs in aging skin with molecular and thermal energy conducted through the machine’s electrodes. Combined with eight serums that are customized to each client’s skincare goals, this one-hour treatment through increased stimulation results in visibly toned and rejuvenated skin.

• As we age, a lack of muscle stimulation causes the skin to slacken. Guinot’s Hydradermie Lift Treatment increases the face’s muscle tone and helps stimulate the muscles to revive activity. With the dual action of anti-aging tissue draining and muscle stimulation, the hour-long treatment refines the facial features and has an immediate lifting effect on the skin.