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  • Guinot New Équilibre Pureté Treatment

Guinot New Équilibre Pureté Treatment

March 01, 2022

To restore balance and purify skin!

Skin’s balance can be disrupted from a number of factors including hormones, diet and stress, and pollution triggering imperfections such as shine, enlarged pours, blackheads, and blemishes. Guinot has launched this new 40-minute treatment to diminish imperfections, eliminate shine, and even out skin tone. 

How it works:

Step one: a heating exfoliator opens pores and eliminates dead cells with papaya extract.

Step two: a purifying mask of white and green clay restores balance to the skin by absorbing excess sebum. After exfoliation and mask application, the skin is more supple and making blackhead extraction easier and painless.

Step three: Acnilogic Cream Serum restores balance and regulates skin with its ingredients including salicylic acid to visibly correct imperfections.