Guinot’s NEW Detoxygene Treatment

April 01, 2020

Available Now!

Guinot’s new Détoxygène treatment is a 60-minute facial that helps detoxify environmental pollutants from the skin. City-dwellers are especially susceptible to toxins through air pollution and exhaust fumes, but damage can also be done at home through internal irritants like stress, lack of sleep and diet. These pollutants can cause an uneven complexion, tired appearance and wrinkles. To combat this almost unavoidable issue, Détoxygène combines an exfoliation, detoxifying mask and a reoxygenating massage to restore the skin’s protective barrier, creating a radiant glow in just one hour

In three steps, the treatment removes dead skin cells to smooth the skin, eliminates impurities to restore radiance and reoxygenates the skin to protect against environmental pollutants.

STEP ONE – Exfoliation

Using Détoxygène Exfoliation with papaya extract, the first phase of the treatment removes dead skin cells that contain pollution particles, smoothing and refining the skin’s texture.  

STEP TWO – Detoxifying Mask

The second phase uses Détoxygène Detoxifying Mask, which acts as a ‘pollution magnet’ to pick up and eliminate pollution particles. The green clay mask absorbs these toxins and removes impurities.

STEP THREE – Reoxygenating Massage

Détoxygène Oxygenating Massage is applied during the third phase to help stimulate microcirculation and increase the oxygen uptake of the skin. The massage moisturizes and smooths the skin to protect against harmful pollutants.