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  • December 01, 2020

    Maroc Hamam Spa

    2552 Stonebrook Parkway

    Frisco, TX 75034


    Claim to Fame: The first and only spa in the Dallas Fort Worth area to provide an authentic Hammam Hydrotherapy treatments using the spa's all-natural line of authentic muds, clays, and argan oil products for skin and hair sourced from Morocco. During Moroccan Hamam exfoliation technique, dead skin cells will be gone, and the skin will feel smoother than ever before. Therapists use special exfoliating mitts and rub a treatment on the skin before scrubbing it off, leaving the skin super soft and smooth.

    Numer of treatment rooms: 3 facial/massage rooms and 2 body scrub rooms.

    Years in Business: 2 years in business.

    Drinks or snacks: Moroccan Tea and Baklava (Mediterranean Sweet) at the end of our services.

    Treatments on the menu: We have four types of massages with three different durations to choose from. Four types of Moroccan Body Scrubs. We have six types of non Guinot Facials. And have just introduced four types of Guinot treatments. 

    Eye Lift

    Hydradermie & Lift

    Hydra Peeling

    About Us:

    Maroc Hamam Spa was established in 2018 with the commitment of providing each guest with a unique spa experience and satisfactory treatment results. The spa's philosophy is to provide an escape to help reduce stress, restore vitality and revitalize the entire body system by calming the body and mind in a space inspired by the soothing colors and decor of Morocco.

    Clients can also book private events at the spa. Friends can get together for reunions, birthdays, holidays, bachelorette celebrations, office parties, baby showers, bridal showers. Guests are allowed to bring their own snacks and drinks and enjoy in our lounge area. 

    We started offering Guinot facials and products in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere, as well as customized skin consultation to address client’s skin concerns. What we love about Guinot is, that each treatment is tailored to the selection of appropriate products to best treat client’s concerns, plus the choice of specific gels that are infused with the machine to each area on the face. Masks, serums and creams are all customized to treat all types of skin care needs.